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what is Kohlberg's theory of states of development?

the theory (66) based on idea that gender develops with age - parallel to intellect and biological maturity


what is gender identity (stage)?

- age 2
- can identify themselves as male or female
- not aware that sex is permanent


what is gender stability (stage 2)?

- age 4
- realisation that gender is constant - can't apply logic to other situations
- confused by external changes like men with long hair


what is gender constancy (stage 3)?

- age 6
- know gender remains constant and applies it to others
- no fooled by external changes


what is imitation of role models?

- seek gender appropriate role models (links to SLT)
- believes kids look for evidence of gender constancy once they have a good concept at age 6


+ evidence supports sequence of stages

- slaby and frey (75) kids shown images of men and women doing tasks - young ones spent same time on both but constant people focused on ones of same sex to them (actively seek role models)
- Monroe (84) did cross cultural study and results were the same in kenya and nepal


- gender constacy not supported

- Bussey and Bandura (92) round kids as young as 4 like playing with gender appropriate toys
- contradicts kohl bergs but supports SLT


- methodical issues

- theory developed by interviewing young children
- kids didn't have good vocal so may have had good understanding but not able to express it