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Pines, Yuri

Book: Foundations of Confucian Thought: Intellectual Life in the Chunqiu Period, 722-453 BCE (2002)
=> intellectual life during the Spring and Autumn period: bridging gap between Western Zhou and Confucius
=> Zuozhuan speeches: historical narratives, genuine and reliable repository of Chunqiu thought, data for development of new political and moral philosophy
=> speeches derive from accurate records made by scribes in individual local courts
=> major intellectual achievement: rule by ritual (禮)

* historical value of Zuozhuan
* Schaberg: why do so many speeches seem to suggest that the speaker had an unerring knowledge of the future?
* how comprehensive or representative is the selection of speeches?
* we don't know much about author(s), editor(s), compiler(s)


Graham, A. C.

Book: Disputers of the Tao (1989)
=> political, social, economic changes
=> Axial Age thinkers
=> effect of ideas on social forces
=> five schools, Confucianism, Legalism, Yin-Yang, Taoism, Mozi

Book: Later Mohist Logic, Ethics, and Science (1978)
=> 2 books of Later Mohist Canons (經) and explanations (說)
=> concern with philosophy of language, epistemology, logic