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Yinqueshan Manuscripts

Yínquèshān 銀雀山 manuscripts

* Hàn 漢 bamboo manuscripts discovered in 1972 at the foot of Yínquèshān 銀雀山 in Línyí 臨沂, Shāndōng 山東
* date of tombs:
- tomb I: ca. 140/134 BCE
- tomb II: ca. 118 BCE
* texts:
- ± 13 chapters of Sūnzǐ Bīngfǎ 孫子兵法
- 16 chapters of Sūn Bìn Bīngfǎ 孫臏兵法
- 5 chapters of Wèi Liáozǐ 尉繚子
- 16 chapters of Yànzǐ 晏子
- 7 chapters of Liù Tāo 六韜
- etc.


Shuihudi Manuscripts

Shuìhǔdì 睡虎地 manuscripts

* Qín 秦 bamboo manuscripts excavated in 1975 in a Qín 秦 administrator's tomb
* the texts record Qín 秦 laws and public documents (e.g. chronicles, calendars)
* texts:
- Biānniánjì 编年记
- Fǎlǜ dáwèn 法律答问
- etc.


Chu Silk Manuscript

Chu Silk Manuscript (Chǔ Bóshū 楚帛書)

* astrological and astronomical text, oldest example of an almanac
* discovered in 1942 in a Warring States Chǔ 楚 tomb in Zǐdànkù 子彈庫, Chángshā 長沙, Húnán 湖南
* dated to ca. 300 BCE
* two rhymed expositions:
1. a cosmogonic myth (an account of the creation of seasons and days) beginning from the appearance of Fu Xi 伏羲 in a disordered world
2. a teaching on astrology and the calendar