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Describe the four walls of the axilla

4 walls, apex and base

Base: axillary fascia and skin (armpit)
Apex: cervicoaxillary canal

Anterior wall: pectoralis major and minor

Posterior wall: subscapularis muscle (anterior surface of scapula) + teres major and latissimus dorsi

Lateral wall: humuerus, bicipital groove

Medial wall: serratus anterior (over upper 4-5 ribs)


Describe the cervicoaxillary canal and its borders

Aperture of the axilla. Most structures which pass between the neck and upper extremity go through the cervicoaxillary canal

Anterior, clavicle
Posterior, scapula
Medial, 1st rib


Broadly, what are the contents of the axilla

Great vessels and nerves of the upper extremity, surrounded by loose connective tissue

Vessels and nerves enclosed with the *axillary sheath*

- Axillary artery and vein
- Brachial plexus (medial lateral posterior cords)
- Intercostobrachial nerve
- Long thoracic nerve (part of brachial, 5-7th)
- Axillary lymph node groups


What are the 3 portions of the axillary artery defined by

Relationship to pectoralis minor:
Superior, posterior, and inferior to.


At what point does the subclavian artery become the axillary artery

At the lateral edge of the 1st rib


At what point does the axillary artery become the brachial artery

At the lower margin or teres major


Describe the 1st portion of the axillary artery

1st portion: Supreme thoracic artery, medial/superior to pectoralis minor, supplies thoracic wall 1st an 2nd intercostal spaces

2nd portion: Two branches:
- Thoracoacromial artery
- Lateral thoracic artery