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Where does the mammary gland reside?

In the superficial fascia of the anterior thoracic wall


Describe the mammary gland

15-20 lobes of glandular tissue (tubuloalveolar) suspended by a latticework of fibrous connective tissue. Adipose fills the spaces between the lobes.


Where is the retromammary bursa?

A distinct space, posterior to the breast, between the deep layer of superficial fascia, and the deep investing fascia of the pectoralis major


Cooper ligaments

Thickened connective tissue inserted perpendicularly through superficial fascia into the dermis. Provides mobility and central support.


Describe the anatomical landmarks of the breast

The breast extends inferiorly from the 2nd-3rd rib to the inframammary fold, around the 6th-7th rib.

Extends laterally from the lateral border of the sternum to the midaxillary line


Why does the upper outer quadrant of breast tissue have a higher frequency of breast cancer ?

More glandular tissue


Breast tissue in the axilla is referred to as

Axillary tail or
Tail of Spence