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What type of software lets a user enter, edit and format text to create documents such as letters and memos?

Word-processing software.


What type of software is used for the creation of complex documents that contain images and tex in columns or frames?

Desktop publishing software.


What do the features of word-processing and desktop publishing software offer the ability to do?

Use word count, spelling and grammar checks, track changes as the document is created, use different fonts and typefaces, use different line and character spacing, use bullets to highlight lists, use tables, align text different positions.


What type of software allows users to create, edit and manipulate images?

Graphics manipulation software.


Which type of software allows users to edit and manipulate digital photographs?

Photograph editing software.


What do the features of graphics and photo-editing software offer the ability to do?

Select part of an image, use layers, scale images, crop images, cut out parts of images, paste parts or all of an image on to another image, zoom into parts of an image, change orientation, mirror images, change the perspective of images, change the colour of images, sharpen or soften images.


What type of software is used to create a series of slides that can be shown to audiences?

Slideshow software.


What type of software combines text, images, video, animations and sounds into an interactive presentation?

Multimedia software.


Which type of software is used to create web pages and websites in HTML and can combine text, images, video animations and sounds, and navigation aids?

Web-authoring software.


Fill in the blank. ................. software is used to manipulate numbers and for computer modelling.



Fill in the blank. ............. .............. software is used to store, edit and manipulate data by sorting and searching the data.

Database management.


What type of software is used to create and/or play computer games?

Gaming software.


What type of software includes social networking software such as chat and instant messaging software, web browsers, file transfer and email clients?

Communications software.


Give one way data be moved between software applications?

Copy and pasting.


What does object linking software, OLS, do?

Object linking software will export and import text or images automatically from one software package to another.


Give four ways that data can be displayed as.

Paragraphs of text, tables of text, charts or graphs.


Why is data displayed in charts, graphs or tables?

So that it is more easily understood by a reader or audience.


What type of software can manipulate data and display it in tables, charts or graphs?

Data handling software.