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Espresso - tasting notes

Rich strong slightly bitter. Crema should be golden brown and able to momentarily support sugar on top


Espresso - Yield

70 ml


Espresso - ideal extraction time

18-26 seconds


Sour Cream Topping - tasting notes

"Deliciously" sour with slight sweetness and vanilla will balance with original.

Smooth creamy and white, no visible lumps of undissolved sugar


Sour Cream - keys to perfection

Topping must be made In a bowl
Vanilla and sugar mixed first
DO NOT OVER WORK only fold 20 times


Regular Whipping Cream - tasting notes

Sweet distinct dairy flavor hint of vanilla

Full rich texture not too stiff

Make sure to calibrate the whip machine.


Regulate Whipping Cream - keys to perfection

Must shake cartons before use. Must calibrate dollops


Splenda Whip Cream - tasting notes

Sweet with a distinct dairy flavor and hint of vanilla, Splenda will be slightly evident in finish

Full rich texture not to buttery or stiff


Splenda Whip Cream - keys to perfection

Splenda measured by weight not volume
Always stir base before running through machine
Ensure proper storage
Can be refreshed with a wire wisk


Caramel Sauce holding temp

110 to keep it from separating


Caramel Sauce - tasting notes

Rich caramel flavor and uniform color slightly grainy texture


Caramel Sauce - keys to perfection

Do not rely on dial to validate temp, use thermometer
Must be rotated, bad product often from poor rotation


Sugared Berries - tasting notes

Initially sweet with. Natural tartness of berry showing through.
Firm and not translucent
No small slivers or shards of berry
Should not be sitting in excess juice


Sugared Berries - keys to perfection

Macerate of 2 hours then held under refrigerator
Hand cut no less than 1/4 inch thick
Stored in lexan for 3 hours under refrigeration prep in 1 liter increments