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Butter Sauce

B sweet from cream and butter
M shallots and white wine
F buttery from butter
Shelf life swiftly (Do not reheat will break)
Off white I color medium thin consistancy


Lemon Sauce

B tart - lemon juice
M creamy, butter and heavy cream
F sweet sugar
Shelf life shiftly (validate lemon reduction for flavor, critical not to let it burn in the pot will darken and make bitter)
Yellow/off white color smooth and medium thin consistency.


Madeira Base

B sweet sugar
M meat and Madeira wine
F butter
Shelf life shiftly validate reduction!
Red brown shiny pepper and shallots evident syrup like consistency


Pasta water

Salty like the sea
Must change water at least once per shift



Store in 2" hotel pans with a drip set
Stacked straight not going over side of pan
Held covered with aluminum on too of the oven

Shelf life shiftly


Black Beans

Flavors include beans, onions, cumin, salt, cilantro light Serrano
Critical that beans are held with 1/2-1" of water, cool and reheat in same pan

Shelf life 3.5 days


Mashed Potato

Fill out mash bored before opening
Creamy lump bumpy smooth hot


Rice (White and Brown)

Fluffy texture moist not mushy whole grains. Not dry or overlooked.

In a 50# bag no more than 4% of kernels should be broken.


Sake butter Sauce

B sweet cream, butter
M sake , shallots
F ginger
Shelf life daily
Butter cream yellow smooth and creamy medium thin. If to thin add buerre manie and continue to cook


Tempura batter

Light pink/orange color medium thick consistency. If batter is not fresh it will not pillow and crisp discard and make new. Best practice hold shiftly line ready in 6th pan never break the cold chain