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Balsamic Vinaigrette

B sweet sugar
M sour/tart red and balsamic vinegars
F salt soy
Shelf life 3.5 days
Brown color black pepper evident medium thin


Caesar dressing

B creamy mayo
M tart red wine vinegar
F salt parm/romano and garlic
Shelf life 48 hours
Pudding like, blk pepper evident, not separated


Garlic herb marinade

B garlic
M salt soy
F garlic and thyme
Shelf life 2 days
Greenish yellow in color medium thick consistency


Ranch dressing

B salt parm cheese
M balance garlic and herbs
F creamy sweet mayo and buttermilk
Shelf life 3.5 days
Creamy white in texture with specs of herb and spice evident. Smooth medium consistancy.


Shallot vinaigrette

B sweet sugar
M sour/tart red rice and balsamic vinegars
F Salt soy sauce
Shelf life 3.5 days
Is a shade lighter than balsamic


Chinese Plum

B sweet plum sauce
M sour/tart rice vinegar
F balance ginger and sesame
Shelf life 3.5 days
Deep red/brown color smooth texture medium thick consistancy.


Marsala Reduction

B sweet Marsala
M meaty, veal
F dry Marsala
Shelf life 3.5 days
Line portion is 4oz validate yield if thin or bland it is under reduced


Cashew Sauce

B sweet/salt sugar/soy
M balance hoisin sauce sherry wine and garlic
F heat chili garlic paste and crushed pepper flakes
Shelf life 3.5 days
Garlic and chili flakes evident


Garlic butter purée

B butter
M sugar
F garlic
Shelf life 3.5 days
If garlic taste is too strong it was roasted to long. Should be purée smooth