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Caesar Dressing

B creamy mayo
M tart - red wine vin
F salt - parm and garlic
Shelf life 48 hrs
Pudding like consistency blk pepper evident


Chinese Plum

B sweet - plum sauce
M sour/tart - rice vin
F balance - ginger and sesame
Shelf life 3.5 days
Must be made early enough to allow time to properly cool


Cilantro dressing

B tart - lime
M sweet - honey and orange
F cilantro/cumin
Shelf life 2 days
Use only leaves no stems for bright and vibrant color


Orange Sauce

B sweet - sugar and orange
M tart/salt - rice vin and soy
F sweet heat - orange and chili garlic paste
Shelf life 3.5 days
If too thick cornstarch was not portions correctly or over reduced, try thinning with water


Spicy peanut vin

B sweet/salt - sugar and soy
M peanut - chopp peanut and peanut butter
F heat crushed chili flakes and cayenne
Shelf life 3.5 days
Medium thin chunky consistancy


Balsamic vin

B sweet - sugar
M sour/tart - red and balsamic vin
F salt - soy
Shelf life 3.5 days