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It is a ? Which is usually but not always arranged in? With a ?

Short narrative
Four line stanzas
Distinctive and memorable meter


The usual ballad meter is a ? And then a ?

First and third line with four stresses (iambic tetrameter)
Second and fourth with three stresses (iambic trimeter)


The rhyme scheme is



The subject matter is ?

Almost always communal stories of lost love supernatural happenings or recent events


The ballad maker used ? This is especially a feature of

Popular and local speech and dialogue often vividly to convey the story
Early ballads


In Ireland often
In England he
In America

Village citizen/ bystander at political events and natural disasters
Stood outside the court outside history reminding populace of passage through imperial history and their exclusion from it
Poetry developed at the same time as literacy and less need for a division between the oral and written the ballad became part of the vocabulary of ordinary accomplishments of the American poet


Came to poetry from
It is a form found in its shape structure and rhetoric are all defined by

Every language country and culture
Roots in the oral tradition


As a form it is ? Almost always a
And subtly ?
The ballad keeps the audience
It’s subject matter is

Simple direct / short narrative/ left open for the next user so that details names and events can be added on if necessary
Audience awake


It is ?
It leaps from
Signature Traits

Lurid musical communal
Event to event
The way that vernacular dialogue breaks into the narrative turning it into a living vivid theatre of the speech of its particular moment


In the anonymous fifteenth century ballad sir Patrick spens
A Knight has been
He ? Before the ballad is finished

It is

Sent by the Scottish king to sail out on dangerous sea
Beautiful and economical


Earliest ballad in manuscript form called is in collection at
Probably dates from the ? But maybe
The majority of ballads were not teanscribed until ? So?

Cambridge library
14 and 15th century / earlier
18th century / great deal of info about them has been lost


Not until the end of the 19th century did an ?

English scholar FJ child produce a 5 volume archive of ballad versions and alternatives called the English and Scottish ballads


Nevertheless there have been intense disagreements about ?
There was a ?
What was it about

Disagreements about their origins
Ballad war
One set said they were communal and grew out of dances and rituals
Individual made by one balladeer informed by communal concerns


No one can agree also on ?
All varieties are based on
Some have said meter is
Some say it is
And others say

Four lines
Accentual syllabic
Foot verse with metrical pauses but not confined by them


Early ballad meter is
Each line has ?
The music builds from ? Often making a

A series of small intense sound snapshots
Four stresses or four and three
Verde to Verde/ hypnotic narrative


The form is designed so that
It is a ? Voice
It chooses

The ballad makers voice is clearly heard
Human downright voice
Plain words short lines vivid images and musical rhymes


And more than any other poetic form except for the ? The ballad insists on ?

Dramatic monologue
Ordinary day to day speech and vernacular and includes it in its verses