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It is an ? With ? And ?
It is ?
It is traditionally associated with ?

Iambic line / ten stresses /five beats
Dramatic speech and epic poetry


The lack of rhyme makes what more possible and effective



It is often identified as the poetic form

Closest to human speech


Boni verse cane into English poetry from ?
The Italians called blank verse ?

Italian literature
Verse sciolti da rima: verse free from rhyme


There was intense interest at the time in finding an ?

Unrhymed line that would match the heft and weight of the classical epic


This was after all the ? When ? Was still priority for poets

Imitation of the classical epic its scope and purpose


Italian poets such as ? We’re already ?
But there blank verse was composed with ?
There was still a need to ? In ?

Luigi alamanni and trissino were already using blank verse for plays in early part of 16th century

11/10/9 syllables

Naturalize the whole project of blank verse in English language


Inventor of blank verse in England
Powerful influence in poetry they do not?
Born in ? The son of a man who would become
He would die at age of ? Executed for ? By? Except that ?

Henry Howard earl of surrey
Do not completely master
Duke of Norfolk
30/Henry VIII
Advised his sister to become the kings mistress and for some other minor offenses


Two major innovations in English poetry ?

Helped Thomas Wyatt bring sonnet to England
Translated the Aeneid into this strain he meter of blank verse


His intention was to produce a ?

Strict ten syllable line


The establishment of blank verse as a convention that could be used in English poetry had an?
Without ? There was suddenly ?

Immediate effect
Rhyme/ far more handed of natural and unforced speech


With whom did blank verse come into its own ?
Born ?
Electrified London theatre with his production of (when published and performed)

Christopher Marlowe
Tamburlaine the great


Here for the first time blank verse was revealed to be a ?
Where ? Could be ?

Natural vehicle for rhythmic and sustained speech
Complex argument and emotion sustained without
Being drowned out by rhyme


Shakespeare chose ? Although usually made it a near neighbor of
Who took it farther again
Arguing his ?
That this measure was preferable to ? And that it provided ?

Blank verse for most of his plays
Rhyme and song
John Milton : arguing his prose at the beginning of paradise lost
The jingling sound of like endings
Music and example of the sense variously drawn out from one verse to another