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what is baptism

baptism is as christian sacrament of admission and adoption into the christian community and faith, with the use of water


process and meaning of the sacrament of baptism

- outward and inward sign - water and trinitarian formula
-inward and spiritual grace - receiving the holy spirit
-removal of original sin
- entry to the kingdom of God and the church


why is baptism important to Christians (2)

-because they believe it spiritually cleanses them. action of submerging into water. symbolises removal of original sin and born again. needed to live a holy life
- because it blesses them. u receive the holy spirit. believe it will guide them towards a holier life and communication with God


why do different denominations carry out baptism differently

because of how they believed it was carried out and the chronological interpretation of the event in the bible. example, whether infant baptism is necessary or not


similarities between believers and infants baptism

- service takes place in the church
- often wear white
- promises are made
- uses water to represent a spiritual blessing
- priest has a bible ad prayers will be said
- joining the Christian community
- receiving the holy spirit


differences between believers and infants baptism

- IB has the godparents and parents making promises
- BB has the person completely submerged in water and IB has sprinkled water
- font in IB whereas theres a pool in BB
- IB removes original sin, BB removes the sins of the person
- greater emphasis on the believer in BB


Christian believes about infant baptism (2)

- should only happen to young people and adults as Jesus was baptised as an adult. IB is unnecessary as it isnt following Jesus footsteps, nor was it said in the blble
- also, (same point) because a person might resent promises on their behalf when they were infants. draws them away from future baptism as they dont have control of their lives. should make own promises instead in BB.


why should infants be baptised

- because it comforts the parents knowing that the baby is part of the Christian family before they die
- if baby is unlikely to survive. parents will be at peace.


why are there bible readings and prayers during baptism

- so that Christ himself is present in the baptism
- calling us to be his disciples


why is there anointing with different oils during baptism

to symbolise the inheritance of healing, power and authority from God


why the sign of the cross made during baptism

to show that christians are united with christ


why are promises made by the parents and godparents on behalf of the child to reject evil, repentance of sins and to follow God during baptism

- to reflect the vow shown in the apostles creed
- to guide the child to a holy life


why is water placed on the baby's head 3 times during baptism

to symbolise the life, death and cleansing of the child


why are newly baptised babies clothed in white robes during baptism

to show the child putting on purity and christ


why is there a lighting of the candle and it being given to the child during baptism

to represent the coming of christ


why is there a reminder to the parents and godparents that they now have the duty to bring up the child in the christian faith

- so that they guide the child through the ranks of the sacraments later on or be enrolled in christian schools
- a certificate is given


what is another argument for infant baptism with a quote

- jesus welcomed little children and said the kingdom of heaven belonged to them
- "let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for such belongs the kingdom of heaven"