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features of a Liturgical worship

- reading of the bible
- coral speaking
- calm and quiet
- set clothing
- traditional hymns
- slow placed
- pews an candles


features of non-liturgical worship

- jovial worship
- large choirs
- spontaneous
- variation of instruments
- energetic and loud


similarities of liturgical and non-liturgical worship

- someone leads the service and preaches the Word of God
- based from teachings of the Bible


the different types of prayer and their features

- informal prayer
- formal prayer
- communion
- offering and tithes
- minister-lead prayer
- kneeling


what is the importance of worship (2)

- helps Christians to achieve a deeper understanding of the bible as more ideas are presented
-bring the Christian community together in one body of worship to strengthen the sense of community


what is prayer

communication with God through words of praise or silently


what is a set prayer

prayers that have been written down and said more than once by more than one person, like the Lords Prayer


what does the Lords Prayer say and mean

- reminds us that God is the creator
- heaven is eternal
- God is to be treated with respect
- you have to forgive others if you want forgiveness
- deliver us from struggles of the world
- to recognize his power
- amen = it shall be done


5 reasons why people might pray

- forgiveness
- to praise God
- selfish prayer
- selfless prayer
- confession


how many beads are used in the rosary

53 hail Mary's, 6 our Fathers and 1 glory be