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what are the 7 sacraments

- sacrament of baptism
- sacrament of the sick
- sacrament of marriage
- sacrament of ordination/Holy order
- sacrament of reconciliation
- sacrament of eucharist
- sacrament of confirmation


process and meaning of the sacrament of baptism

- outward and inward sign - water and trinitarian formula
-inward and spiritual grace - receiving the holy spirit
-removal of original sin
- entry to the kingdom of God and the church


process and meaning of the sacrament of the sick

- healing
- last rights performed by the priest
- usually a Catholic event
- last sacrament
- anointment of the sick - physical and mental healing


process and meaning of the sacrament of marriage

- exchanges of the wedding bands
- vows said to each other
- endless love between the couple
- lifelong union blessed by God
- central stability of human society


process and meaning of the sacrament of ordination

- special gifts of the holy spirit needed by a deacon or priest
- rank or status of ordained Christian minister
- rite of sacrament of ordination
- baptism to deacon to priest to bishop


process and meaning of the sacrament of reconciliation

- words of absolution and forgiveness
- the forgiveness of sins
- spiritual healing


process and meaning of the sacrament of eucharist

- distribution of bread and wine
- spiritual fading with the body and blood of Christ
- blood is wine and body is bread
- performed at mass


process and meaning of the sacrament of confirmation

- the laying of hands by the bishop
- strengthening and sealing the gifts of the holy spirit in the person
- becoming an adult member of the church


why is baptism important to Christians (2)

-because they believe it spiritually cleanses them. action of submerging into water. symbolises removal of original sin and born again. needed to live a holy life
- because it blesses them. u receive the holy spirit. believe it will guide them towards a holier life and communication with God


why do different denominations carry out baptism differently

because of how they believed it was carried out and the chronological interpretation of the event in the bible. example, whether infant baptism is necessary or not


what is a sacrament

- religious ceremony that grants a believer something through various symbols
- outward visible signs of an inward spiritual blessing


why do protestants think sacraments are important

because the believe it helps strengthen their relationship with God and make him vital in their lives. Jesus constructed baptism and holy communion


why does the christian community think they are important

because they affirm that Christians are a part of the body of Christ and the church


why do some Christians reject sacraments

because the dont believe they are necessary in their lives as the Bible doesnt say so