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Mention two important models of Quality improvement

- PDSA (plan, do, study, act) "actplandos"
- Six Sigma (DMAIC - define, measure, analyze, improve, control)


What is root cause analysis (RCA)?

- Fishbone or Ishikawa diagram (Cause and Effect diagram).
* Restrospective
* Analizes a complex system and Id possible causes
* Diagram allows display and explore all possible causes


What are the outcomes measure of quality?

Final product or end result in patient care, Ex: HAI


How can the errors be categorized?

- Slips: observable, not intended, actions not carried as intended
- Lapses: Not observable, not intended, missed actions or omissions (forget)
- Mistakes: Intended actions is wrong, incorrect intentions (but Not bad intentions - don´t apply correctly guides to extubate)


Which are the type of errors?

1. Treatment
2. Preventive
3. Diagnostic
+ No-fault errors
+ Systema-related
+ Cognitive errors
* Anchoring bias
* Confirmation bias
* Availability bias


Named and shortly define the others models of quality improvements

- Lean: reduce resources that don't improve patients outcomes
- Flowcharts: steps involved in the delivery of patient
- Pareto charts: largue proportions of problems caused by small number of causes
- Run charts (time plots): Id true trend vs a random pattern over time
*All the tests of a quality improvement uses convenience sample - study group or population