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Explain the artwork Stripped, Oh Yes Girl by Jane Alexander.

It is a sculpture of a nude female figure hanging in a pose similar to the crucifixion done in the year 1994.This symbolizes innocence and suffering. She is also propped on a replica of the original Barbie doll stand. Her skin is grating, stuffing is falling from between cracks, she has no genitilia and she has laced worked around her neck. Falls under the category of Damaged Beauty.


What is a definition of Beautiful?

Having qualities that delight the senses, especially sight.

Most all art can be beautiful as beauty is a personally preference. However, you'll have to justify the particular pieces sense of beauty according the century in which it was made and the ideas around beauty of that time.


What where the ideas around beauty in the 1990s?

Woman were still objectified.
Woman are the most important part of the beauty aspect.
Age of Kate Moss and skinny ass models as well as heavy sexual objectification. Woman are no longer fertile beings but sexual beings.


Explain the artwork of Venus of Willendorf?

Falling under Archetypal beauty, the Venus represented the ideas of beauty the nomadic "first people" held around beauty. She was large and thus represented the need for woman to live in abundance. She signified strength and fertility and did not represent an individual but rather the masses.


Explain the Artwork La Primavera of Botticelli?

The central theme of Primavera is that of love and marriage and how, when done in the correct order, it can bring around fertility and sensuality. Painted in 1477, the image shows scantily clad woman and a man and puto in a meadow compete with flowers and trees. The man is Mercury moving the clouds for spring, the woman is Venus and the puto is Cupid, who is known for his immorality. The woman are coy and dainty and plump and healthy looking. The graces, seen scantily clad, have slightly enlarged bellies and small feet and hands. This is from the Renaissance.


Explain the artwork Plan by Jenny Saville.

The artwork is set in the 1990s and explores the ideas around obesity and health and beauty. The woman portrayed is shown from a high angle shot, distorting her so that her body is gigantic. This juxtaposes the ideas of the then society: the idea of the small-breasted, narrow-hipped, and slim to the point of near emancipation that woman are told is beautiful. In the painting the woman ahs lines similar to those woman under going liposuction have. She is portrayed as the everyday woman with a real body going through a procedure pushed on her by the media. This falls under the category of big beauty.


What is Mannerism?

Mannerism is noted for its intellectual sophistication as well as its artificial qualities. It grew as a contrast, from the 1520s -1580s, to the naturalism presented at the time by Leonardo da Vinci, and the early Michaelangelo.


Explain the artwork Madonna with Long Neck by Parmigianino.

The painting, circa 1534, is of the Madonna and child. The Modena has an unnaturally long neck and baby is rather disproportional. Her hand is overlarge and her dress appears hyper realistic.