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What was the main media to come out of gothic art?

Primary media in the Gothic period included sculpture, panel painting, stained glass, fresco and illuminated manuscripts


Gothic art was made during in the Middle Ages when _____________ was prevalent and art was namely for _____________ purposes. It was used to convey stories from the _____________.

Gothic art was made during in the Middle Ages when CHRISTIANITY was prevalent and art was namely for RELIGIOUS purposes. It was used to convey stories from the BIBLE.


What was an important architectural development during the Middle Ages?

The Ribbed Vault.


How did this new invention benefit gothic architecture?

The buildings could be built higher and thus allow more light in.


Tell me about the Lamentation by Giotto Di Bondone.

- The Lamentation has weak depth.
- There is a sense of foreshortening with the mountain in the background.
- The mourners with their backs faced to us give us the sense that we are behind them.
- It is a fresco, made using wet plaster with paint.
- The figures portray the first sense of human emotion.


Talk about the Annunciation by Fra Angelico.

- The use of architectural columns to create a real space mathematically was well done.
- The virgin and angel are out of proportion.
- The chair the Virgin is sitting on is out of proportion.
- The space, minus the virgin and angel, is realistically done.
- The virgin and the angel both showcase real emotion and look like actual people.


Where did most Renaissance art come from?

A lot of the art came from Italy.


What categorized the Renaissance .

- A rediscovery of the nude human figure and attention to its form
- The recognizable (realistic) portrait
- The development of linear (single point) perspective and pictorial space
- Landscape or interior as a background for human
- The qualities of light and shadow.


Who was Filippo Brunelleschi?

He was the architect that designed the dome if Florence Cathedral.


What was the first large scale nude?

Donatello's David.


Discuss the figure.

- The pose of David is classical contrapposto. (Dat "s"curve)
- It's lauded for its sinuous line and form.
- David's oblivion to his nudity is in contrast to the hyper awareness of nudity that Medieval art presented.
- The expression on David is detached.