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What was the high renaissance?

The period towards the end of the Renaissance wherein the Masters built on previous Renaissance learnings to achieve an ideal. painting and sculpture, through their eyes, was expected to be in complete harmony with the natural form and proportion and still involve the artists personal vision and inspiration to raise the subject above ordinary really.


What else happened during this period, regarding artists.

These artists were viewed as geniuses and their work became a profession.


Describe the artwork The Adoration of the Magi by Leonardo da Vinci.

Naturalistic and well proportioned, the painting is still incomplete. He follows perspective rules to the T and thus achieves a realistic crowd. His studies around light resulted in the conclusion that we don't see objects in space with clearly defined outlines and this resulted i. The style SFUMATO meaning smoky.


Describe the artwork Virgin on the Rocks by Leonardo da Vinci.

The painting's figures are arranged in a pyramidal composition. The painting is an example of the stability and dynamic tensions balance that is a characteristic of the High Renaissance. Mary is illuminated, spreading her from the dark sinful background. All the figures relate to each other.


Describe the artwork David by Michaelangelo?

The subject was sculpted from 1501-04. It epitomizes the representation of idea, beauty and is a summation of the high Renaissance style in a sculpture. The sculpture is naturalistic yet somehow not altogether human. It is in the perfect form of contrapposto and illustrates the effects Greek sculpture had on Michaelangelo.


What is the context of Baroque art?

Baroque Art came after Mannerism and the Renaissance. It employed iconography that was direct, simple and obvious.
Baroque can be associated with the religious troubles of Western Europe in Christianity; Protestants and the Roman Catholics.
Because of the troubles at the time, the Catholic church used art to influence the people.
A hallmark of Baroque painting is the dramatic selective illumination of figures out of deep shadow. Baroque was developed in mainly Flemish countries.


Describe the artwork the Ecstasy of St Theresa?

The artwork had been commissioned in order to aid the Catholic cause to oppose the Protestant church and turn the lay people to the, using art. It shows the euphoric, almost sexually so, way in which St Theresa's heart is being pierced by an angel of God. The viewer can see all of this up close and the realism is so perfect one could almost believe this is happening before your eyes.


Describe the artwork Girl with Pearl earring by Jan Vermeer.

The girl was painted using expensive bright pigment and use of light. Her face is delicate and very realistic in that her expression and the feeling of it is reflected in her face.