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What were the first forms of art used for/as?

The first forms of art (Venus of Willendorf, rock paintings) were generally used for worship or storytelling.


What is the estimated time he Venus of Willendorf was made?

30 000BCE


What is the Panthenon?

A Greek temple to worship the goddess Athena.


What was the Parthenon in mathematical proportion to?

The golden mean.


Where is most Greek art kept?

In British museums.


The Pantheon is-



Where did early Christian architecture come from?

Roman architecture. The first churches were based on Roman 'court' houses.


What did the Romans use as apposed to the post and little and what was the benefit of this?

Arches. The benefit was that, unlike the post and lintel, arches were not dependent on stone in order to function.


What is Byzantine art like?

Byzantine art was spiritual and the beginning of iconoclasm as far as mosaics and simplifying of images went in order to represent the spirituality of a story more than just a story.


What are the principles of art?

- Line
- Shape
- Form
- Value/tone
- Texture
- Colour
- Space
- Unity
- Balance
- Emphasis
- Harmony
- Contrast
- Gradation
- Movement
- Rhythm
- Proportion


What is very common, so far, with the art we have seen?

A lot of this art is religious art and ties heavily with ritual.


What was Islamic art like?

Islamic tradition forbade the use of animals or human figures within a religious context. Thus Islamic religious art utilizes text in a repeating pattern and beautiful mosaics to convey a spiritual meaning.


What is stylization?

Making something unrealistically flat and 2D, without light or shadow.


What is an arabesque?

An arabesque, in Islamic art, was the repetition of a made up plan in an interlacing pattern.


What was art mainly used for until now?

- Art was used for rituals.
- Art was often used in religion to create a spirituality.
- Art was used to tell stories.