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In order to gain access to intranet user generally must have password
A firewall is needed to ensure that unauthorized internet users cannot organize an organizations intranet
An intranet connects geographically separate lans within an organization


Value added network

Value added network are privately owned communications network that provide additional services beyond standard data transmission. Van's provide good security because they are private networks. Van's route data transactions between partners. Routing data within company's multiple network would not normally require a van. Routing data outside the companys network would sometimes use a van



Local area network- Computer network that link buildings or adjacent buildings



WAN allow national and international communications . They usually employ non-dedicated public communication channel as their communication media. WAN communication services may be provided by value added networks or by internet based networks. If the WAN is provided by the internet based network it will not be as secure as van



are networks that directly links certain intranets of a organization with organization or individuals with which the organization may have a relationship.
Extranets need a password to access
Extranets are not backup intranets.


A Data warehouse

is an enterprise wide data base that stores data that has been extracted from various operational and external data bases from within the organization. A data warehouse stores data from both operational and management databases for current and previous years


A language processor

known as a compiler is a software that translate source code (human readable) to object code machine readable


Application software

application software can be developed or purchased internally. If the application software is purchased it is the license to use the software under certain prescribed terms and conditions. When the application software is purchased the purchaser may or may not receive the source code. the source code may or may not be escrowed. escrow of the source code supposedly protects the purchaser.


A communication or network protocol

A communication or network protocol is a set of rules that allows the various pieces of hardware and software that are included in the network to communicate..
Some of the functions of the telecommunication network are to establish an interface between the sender and receiver of the message and to transmit the message


Three tier structure

Desktop client, application and database


Distributed database

distributed database is a database that is distributed in some manner on different pieces of either local or remote hardware via intranet or extranet


End user databases

are databases developed by end users at their workstations. They are not normally implemented through a company local area network and are local to a specific end user work station or to a very limited number of end user work stations



is the logical process of separating data into logical tables. is the process of organizing columns and tables of a relational database


Relational database

the data are stored in two dimensional tables that are releated to each other by stored information


Data mining

Is the practice of mining large data for useful information. Data mining involves the process of analyzing the data to show patterns or relations in the data. Thus pattern recognition or the ability of the data mining software to recognize patterns or trends is the critical success for data mining


Primary function of DMS

Capacity to create and modify the database