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Quality programs- Techniques to analyze and Find Problems

Fish bone diagram- Fishbone diagram describes process the contributions to the process and the potential problems that could occur at each phase of process. The chronological sequence of events is represented by single horizontal line while the contributions to the process are represented by diagonal lines that create image of a fishbone


Control Chart

Control chart show the performance of a particular process in relation to acceptable upper and lower limits of deviation. Performance within limits is termed aas statistical control. Processses are desisgned to ensure that performance consistently falls within the acceptable range of error.


Pareto diagram

A pareto diagram represents individual and cumulative
graphical analysis of error by type


value chain analysis

Value chain analysis is a macro level flowchart that shows the releationship between broad functional areas the product defined by organization and the manner in which value is added at each link in the chain


Most effective incentive designs encourage non financials effort of the manager

Tying incentives to manager's individual incentive effort



Would be information used by a company in comparing its financial data to published information.


Database marketing

Uses data as the foundation for identifying target markets. Big Box promotes low prices without targeting any specific database


Network marketing

Network marketing is a form of referral marketing.


Transaction marketing

Offers lowest possible prices for consumer goods


Interaction based relationship marketing

Sales-further relationships thereby driving more sales