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are barriers to entry


If the question says

product differentiation it is called as monopolistic competition
The presence of one company is monopoly. The presence of various companies is oligopoly


When an oligopoly lowers it price others will match it

But, When oligopoly raise it others will ignore. The kink is at the prevailing price. above the prevailing price demand is elastic. Below highly inelastic


References to change in quantity demanded

refer to a single demand curve which is downward sloping right


If the demand curve shifts right

increase in demand. If the demand curve shifts left decrease in demand. Elasticity of supply and demand are unreleated. Perfectly elastic demand does not exist
Perfectly inelastic demand does not exist.


Market clearing price

is the price of goods or service where the quantity demanded is equal to the quantity supplied


what happens when the Government issue health and safety regulations of the product

Costs to produce the product will increase according to new standards and the price will pass on to the consumer


complementary goods and substitute goods

If the price of complementary goods goes up the price of the product will also go up.
But if the price of the substitute goes up the price of product will


Independent goods

Have demand not related. Ex. Bread and vacuum cleaners


Inferior goods

Experience a decrease in demand when income level rise.


Situations that would cause competition to be even stronger

The market is not growing fast
there are several equal size firm in the market
Customers do not have strong band preferences
The cost of exceeding the market exceed the cost of continuing to operate
Some firms profit from making certain moves to increase market share
the various firm in the market use different type of strategic plans


Factors increasing bargaining power of customers

Customers make up a large value of firms business
There is much information available to customers
The buyers have low switching costs
There are number of alternate suppliers of the product


Statements regarding competitive advantage

If the total cost of the firm are less than those of rivals then the firm is having a competitive advantage
Two major form of competitive advantage are product differentiation and cost leadership
Cost leadership advantage may be best obtained by a firm when the firm builds market share or match the price of rivals
Differentiation advantage is when the firm builds market share or increases its price.