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When was it developed

1940's - 1950's


Why was it developed

As a reaction to trait theory.


What does it do

Focuses on the study of specific behaviours of a leader.
Considers the reaction if leaders and followers in a given situation.
How leaders behave and assumes leaders can be made not born.
Learnable behaviours.
What leaders do rather than qualities.
Styles of leadership.
Promotes the value of leadership styles with an emphasis on concern for people.
Helps managers decide how to behave as leaders.



Managers develop specific leadership behaviours it provides little guidance as to what constitutes leadership in different situation.
Environment which people work in play a huge role.
No one leadership styles is right fir all circumstances


Ohio state study

Identifying behaviours to indicate a strong leader.
Developed 2 styles 1) people orientated 2) task oriented.


Michigan stAte study

Researched behavioural approaches and identification of leader relationships and group processes.
Says leaders must have 3 crucial characteristics 1) task orientated behaviours 2) relationship orientated 3) participative leadership.


Managerial grid

Robert Blake
Jane Mouton.
Developed 5 different styles of leadership.