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What is the catholic definition of marriage

A life-long union and covenant requiring the consent of two adults, male and female, that is considered a path to salvation, a Christian vocation, and a sacrament that is a sign and source of god’s grace at work in the world


who created marriage and what does it reflect

Created by God and reflects love of god through married love


how did the CCC describe marriage and where was it described in the CC

CCC 1601: the matrimonial covenant


What are four catholic features of marriage

symbols, Christ role, sacrament, two become one/married love


Explain the feature of symbols

- Rings
- Consent


Explain the feature of christs role

- Created by God
- Christ is source of spiritual gifts of marriage (guidance and strength)


Explain the feature of sacrament

- Religious rite
- Draw upon gods strength


Explain the feature of two become one/ married love

- Begins in the human heart
- As the two grow together in marriage, becomes a personal love, that affects whole person


As an overview, how has the church developed marriage two sentences)

- Church had been able to recognise and develop its teachings concerning sacramental nature of marriage
- Core belief that marriage is a communion between a man and women is unchanged, however how it is developed and expressed has changed


What are the 6 eras of significant change

Early church (100CE-1000CE)


Middle ages (1200CE-1500CE)


V11 + today


Explain marriage in early ages

- Social custom/ Civil contract instead of religious rites
- Patriarchal in nature
- marriage for wealth and status


Explain marriage Jesus perspective

- Jesus gave new idea= marriage was for life
- important for loving unity
- + gender equality + movement towards monogamy


Explain marriage Ausgustine era

- 400AD
- developed 3 values of marriage: fidelity, procreation, sacrament (introduced idea of it as sacrament)


Explain marriage in Middle ages (1200CE-1500CE)

- catholic more important in society
- religious rites introduced in cc


Explain marriage for Council of Trent

- 1545- 1563

- declare as sacrament, permanent bond
- contract converted to covenant
- individuals married by priest


Explain marriage in V11

- Vat II= stressed richness of love b/w people in marriage
o Constitution of the Church in the Modern World
♣ Outlines high esteem of which marriage is held and a vocation- ‘concept of committed marriage love’
- Is a sacrament + symbol of God’s love


When discussing relevance in society, what is being discussed

- How core marriage beliefs align with the modern world


what are the three areas of relevance in society

between man and women
life long union
chaste before marriage


Discuss why (3 main examples) why SSM debate is very topical atm

o Recent campaign Say I Do Down Under

o Discussion of plebiscite in near future

o Other countries, USA, legalizing= pressure on Aus. government


What is the biblical quote explaining marriage between man and women

o Leviticus 18:22 “Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a women, that is detestable”


what is the stats on same sex marriage

o ABS= 32% increase in same sex couples from 2006-2011

o Galaxy research
♣ 64% Australians support equality in marriage
♣ 53% Catholics support equality in marriage
♣ 81% (18-24 year olds) young people support equality in marriage


Explain marriage as a life long union and changes in society

- Lessened idea ‘till death do us part’
- Longevity not enforced in modern world
- Adultery, open marriage remove idea of unity


what is biblical quote for life long union

o Mark 10: 8-10 “And they become one flesh… God has joined them together, let not man separate”


What are the statistics for life long union

o BS= median duration= 12.0 years (2014),
o 33% end in divorce


what has changed in society to make chaste before marriage irrelevant

- Modern world= values of egotism, materialism, sexual promiscuity
- Seen in Reality TV shows such as Married at First Sight, First Kiss
- Degenerates sacrament of Catholic marriage


what is biblical quote for chaste before marraige

o Hebrews 13:4 “Let marriage be held in honor among all… for God will judge the sexually immoral.”


What are the statistics for chaste before marriage

o Catholic Record Magazine= average Australian age when married (male= 29.9, female= 28.3)