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S1: Religion by nature seeks to...

contribute to the development and transformation of people and the world they live in


S2: Many people search for

and find meaning in life in many different ways, including religion as it offers purpose and a way of life.


S3: How a person interacts

with religion is shaped by their context of their life, both social and personal.


What are examples of factors that influences a persons interaction with religion

- family
- people
- events
- place of religion in society
- social conditions


When was John Bosco born and when did he die

1815- 1888


What broad two categories made JB significant

- Founded Salesian Order of Priests, Brothers and Nuns
- Established new evolutionary form of education called 'Preventive System'


When was the Salesian order established



What was the Preventative system an alterative to and what did it promote

- Victorian traditional authoritarian system
- catholic values such as love, kindness, gentleness


what are the three broad categories that influenced JB context

Personal social and role religion played


What were three aspects of JB personal life

- Family: religious, absent father, youngest of poor farmers in Northern Italy

- Education: Unable to attend school (poverty)

- Dream= influenced


What were four aspects of JB social life

- northern monoculture italy
- industrial revolution
- french revolution
- education


What were two aspects of JB role religion played

- Italy= Catholic Country and Church held great influence and importance
- Family religious


Descibre northern italy in early nineteenth century

- Northern Italy: Catholic country, monoculture
o Particular in rural areas (where John grew up)
o Clergy held in high regard
o Rapid population growth in rural areas= family life important


What was effects of the french revolution

poverty, famish, hardship


What was effects of the industrial revolution revolution

- Urbanisation, inequity, urban poor
o Mass immigration to cities > disruption to social structure and exploitation of young people/ workers


did people in italy have access to education

illiteracy widespread, education poor


Who were 5 people who had significant influence on JB

- Father and brother
- mother
- priests
- Fr John Colosso and later Joseph Cafasso
- St Francis de Sales


what impact did JB brother and father have on JB

- Absent father + abusive brother

o Need for male role models (found in priests)
o Endeavored to become father figure for young men


what impact did JB mother have on JB

o Had profound faith and appreciation of the witness of poverty
o Influenced John’s faith development and life of self-sacrifice (values of Church)
o Strong maternal relationship reflected in John’s Marian devotion


what impact did JB priests on JB

o Saw lack of kindness
o Vowed to be welcoming and friendly


what impact did Fr John Colosso and later Joseph Cafasso on JB

o Friendly and generous
o Mentors and supported vocation of priesthood


what impact did St Francis de Sales on JB

o Famous for gentleness, compassion, patience
o Made John model own life on Francis’ life and work, named order after him


What were the four broad areas that were significant experiences for JB

- Culture at time
- dream
- lack of stable family
- lack education


what impact did culture at time on JB

deep religious, early influence on want to be a Priest


what impact did dream on JB

o Profoundly influenced vocation
o Children fighting, tried to stop through violence, man appears saying ‘Not by blows but gentleness and love will you influence these people.’ Mary appears and children turn to animals, then gentle lambs
o Religious experienced remained within John
o Deep conviction that his life was being guided by God


what impact did lack of stable family on JB

o Sent away from home to ease tension (was himself an outcast)
o Understood importance of stable family, sought to provide others with what he missed out on


what impact did lack education on JB

o Due to poverty, didn’t have education
o Sought to provide others


What town were many boys flocking to and why did they need help?

- flocking to Turin
o Mistreated, ignorant to religion, needed somewhere to live


Who made an apolsalte before that inspired john to make his

- John Cafasso started apostolate for prisoners, John wanted one for boys


How did Johns school and order grow

o Began by meeting on Sundays with instruction, food, set up hostel
o Provide night classes and teach reading, writing and trades
o Began practical and ademic schools