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What are three factors that influence how people interact with religion



Explain occupation influence on how people interact with religion

o Commercialize religion- reduces value
o Business exploitation- turns into commodity
o Religious discrimination in workplace


Explain family influence on how people interact with religion

o Basic morality
o Background influences


Explain media influence on how people interact with religion

o Promotes religion on large scale
o Creates stereotypes and negative sensationalizing


Describe three attitudes towards religion in society

- Apathetic
o Perceived as outdated and ritualistic. archaic
- Generalized
- Seen as inconsistent


Define secularism

- Separation of Church and state (functioning as separate entities)


Define the two types of secularism

o Soft: religion right to voice in democratic debate
o Hard: religion exclusion from social and political matters= secularization


What are three values of secularism

- Consumerism: pursuit of material wealth
- Hedonism: pursuit of pleasure
- Individualism: pursuit of self as its own end


What are four areas that cathocism is relevant in society

- Respected voice- in politics, for morality
- Social, education and welfare services
o St. John of God: through values of compassion and hospitality, aims to continue mission of JC
- Catholic spirituality- provides development of religious dimensions
- Catholic Teachings- voice of conscience, natural law and morality in many laws


What are three reasons for catholic involvement in society

1. Provides meaning and purpose
2. Democratic right to expression
3. Guides society through morals


What are three reasons against catholic involvement in society

1. Some religious beliefs are not universal
2. Based upon faith not fact
3. Views seen as absolute and therefor show religion as intolerant


What happens as we move towards hard secularism

- social trends move more against catholic views
Society in danger of losing services and values of Catholicism


what about catholic values makes them easy to lose

are tangible and often non profitable


what are five impacts of society on catholics and their relevance

- Media and events shine negative light e.g. sex scandal
- Apathetic attitude
- Scientific advancements
- Technology= ease of communication= mass views gain momentum
- Decline in social value


How does secularism impact the place of religion in australia

- Education
- Health
- Human rights
- Morality