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What is the definition of biodiversity?

It is the sum total of species richness


What is genetic diversity?

This is the variation of genes within a species.


What is species diversity?

It is the variety of species within a region


What is ecosystem diversity?

This is the variation of landforms which in turn leads to the variation in the species inhabiting the areas.


What happens to the species diversity as we move from the equator to the poles?

It decreases


Just a note:

Tropics harbour more species than the temperate or polar areas.


Which has the largest biodiversity on earth?

Amazon rainforest


Why do tropical regions show more species variation?

*This is because, these regions have remained relatively undisturbed for many years.
*The climate and environment is less seasonal and more constant.
*More solar energy which contributes to a higher productivity


What did Alexander Von Humboldt observe?

he observed that within a region, the species richness increased with area , but only upto a certain limit.


What is the Rivet - Popper Hypothesis

In this he compares an ecosystem to an aeroplane


What are hotspots?

hotspot is a biogeographic region with significant levels of biodiversity that is threatened by human habitation


Name two Hotspots is india?

Western Ghats
Eastern Himalayas


Which species are present in the two hotspots in india.

*Amphibians, Reptiles, swallow tailed butterflies, and some mammals


What is the Red Data book?

This is a book that documents rare and endangered species and even local sub species that are present with the borders of region.


Recent extinctions

Dodo,quagger,thylacine, Steller's sea cow, Bali,Javan and caspian : subspecies of tigers.


What is in situ conservation

this refers to the maintenance of plant diversity in natural reserves. This is on site conservation of species. Which means that organisms are protected in their natural habitats. e.g national parks, sanctuaries and biosphere reserves


What does in situ conservation provide

*Restoration of degraded land
*genetic improvement of crop plants


What is ex situ conservation?

Cultivation of selected or rare plants in botanical gardens. It is the process of protecting an endangered species, variety or breed, of plant or animal outside its natural habitat.


What are Ramsar sites?

These are wetlands of international importance.


Just a note:

To develop and maintain an international network of wetlands which are important for the conservation of global biodiversity.