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What is the chromosomal theory of inheritance?

They noticed similarities btw chromosomes and mendelian factors.
It stated that mendelian characters are located on chromosomes and it is the chromosomes that segregate independently during meiosis.


Who came up with the chromosomal theory of inheritance?

Sutton and Boveri


What were the similarities btw mendelian characters and genes?

*They occur in pairs
*They separate during gamete formation
*Their paired condition is restored after fertilisation
*Both maintain their individuality from generation to generation.


What is meant by linkage?

Linkage is defined as the tendency of two or more genes to stay together.


What is the significance of linkage?

It reduces the possibility of variation until crossing over occurs.


What is meant by crossing over?

Crossing over is defined as the mutual exchange of blocks homologous genes btw homologous chromosomes.


What is the significance of crossing over?

It introduces a lot of genetic variation
Helpful in chromosome mapping


What are sex chromosomes and what are autosomes?

Certain chromosomes show different staining behaviour and was found to affect the gender of an organism and are called sex chromosomes. All the other chromosomes are called autosomes.