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STRENGTH:Biofeedback has research evidence

-Lemaire trained medical doctors to use a biofeedback device three times a day over a 28 day period. The doctors also completed a questionnaire measuring perception of how stressed they were
-Mean stress score for biofeedback users fell significantly over the course of the study. Corresponding score for a control group also fell but by a much smaller amount
-Suggests that biofeedback has benefits in helping to improve the psychological state of someone experiencing stress.


LIMITATION: Individual differences in effectiveness of biofeedback

-Biofeedback as a stress management method does not suit everyone
-Client has to understand relationship between physiological functioning and signals they receive and must be motivated to apply learned skills to alter signals in the real world
-Demands of biofeedback limit it as a method that everyone can use. But this is true of all methods.


STRENGTH: Biofeedback can improve other stress management techniques

-Bussone treated children suffering from tension headaches with either relaxation on its own or BART (biofeedback assisted relaxation therapy)
-Headache frequency reduced in both groups by 55% after three months of treatment. Greater improvements by BART group after 1 year and 3 years.
-Suggests relaxation techniques are effective, but improved with biofeedback