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Name 5 characteristics of a podzol

- Lack of soil biota due to cold climate
- Weathered Parent material
- Thin layer of acidic humus
- Clearly defined horizons
- Hardpan/Ironpan
- Found in coniferous forest and heather moorland
- Reddish brown B horizon
- High rates of leaching
-Mor humus


Name 5 characteristic of brown forest earth

- Long tree roots
- Weathered parent material
- Abundant soil biota
- Found in deciduous woodland
- Deep roots help break up the parent material
- Undefined horizons
- Limited leaching
- Slight hardpan
- Mull humus


Why does a podzol have a thin humus?

The leaves and fallen vegetation don't decompose as quickly as it is in a cooler climate, therefore more of it will be swept away with the weather rather than being left behind.


Why does brown earth have a thick layer of humus?

It has a thick layer of humus as the leaves and vegetation will decompose a lot quicker in the more milder climate, therefore more will be able to go into it.


why does brown earth have limited leaching?

It has limited leaching as the rainfall is greater than the rise of the evaporation, however, the evaporation is still pretty strong so that's why it is only limited.


Why does a podzol have a lot of leaching?

A podzol has a lot of leaching as the rainfall is greater than the rise of evaporation and as the evaporation is really low due to the cold climate, there is more leaching than brown earth.