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Name 5 consequences of over population

-A lot of young children who need education and food
-Pressure on healthcare (lack of doctors)
-Pressure on housing
-Lack of employment
-Pressure on existing transport infrastructure
-Pressure on food production
--Pressure on land available for cultivation
-Larger shanty towns
-Pressure on resources and materials


Name 5 problems when collecting population data

-People lying
-Trying to get the info to people in remote places
-Lack of resources
-High rate of homelessness
-Lack of birth certificates
-Low literacy rate
-Language barrier
-The cost of the census
-One indicator can give a false impression of the country


Why did people migrate from syria?

They migrated due to; the war, state of the country, lack of food, lack of education, and to try and save their lives.


Name 5 methods used to collect population data

-Census taking
-A mini or sample census'
-Government sponsored sample surveys
-Compulsory registration of births and deaths
-Electoral roll


Name 5 consequences of under population

-Not enough workers to keep the economy going
-Not enough workers to look after the elderly
-Services closing down due to lack of business
-Company's deterred as there are not many workers
-Wasted resources
-Fewer people to pay tax, so the price may increase


What was the impact on Syria when people fled the country?

-War continues to tear the country apart with no end in sight
-The use of agricultural land has declined which means that less food is being produced
-The shortage of food caused more people to leave the country


What is the impact on the receiving country from Syria?

-Puts a strain on hospitals, jobs and housing in more developed countries like the UK and US
-Can end up competing for resources and housing in more local countries like Turkey


What is the impact on the refugees arriving in the UK

-Many are discriminated against- end up taking a lot of racism
-Many children won't have an education so could end up embarrassed at school
-One of the main issues is the language barrier


Why do people migrate from Poland to the UK?

-Better wage
-Better housing
-More opportunities for their families
-New abortion laws which limits the control woman have over their own bodies


What is the impact on Poland from people migrating?

Due to so many people leaving, the average wage across the country has begin to rise while also lowering the unemployment rates across the country as there will be more jobs for those who have stayed behind.


What is the impact on the UK from the polish migrants?

-They have brought many different skills with them to help increase their chances of getting a job, contributing to the economic growth
--off setting the Uks ageing population as 80% of polish migrants are between 18-34
-Puts many schools and hospitals under pressure due to the rising population
-Property prices are increasing due to the increased demand