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arterial supply towards finger

subclavian becomes axillary at first rib. axillary turns into brachial, and brachial branches into ulnar and radial arteries


ulnar artery

supplies medial muscles of anterior forearm. terminates as deep and superficial as ulnar palmar arches


radial artery

runs along cubital fossa along lateral forearm and supplies lateral forearm muscles


deep veins

follow arteries


vena comitantes

2 or more veins that wrap around an artery


deep veins path to heart from fingers

1.)proper palmer digital > common palmar digital > superficial palmar venous arch > ulnar vein
2.) right palmar metacarpal > deep palmar venous arch >
radial vein
(both ulnar and radial veins drain into brachial veins)


superficial veins path to heart

1.)basilic vein (medial side of arm) > axillary vein
2.)cephalic vein (lateral side of arm) joins axillary at shouler
median cubital vein at elbow is connection between these two superficial veins (used for blood draws)


aorta to femoral artery

descending aorta to common iliac artery. common iliac divides into internal external iliac. external iliac supplies blood to remainder of lower limbs and becomes femoral artery. the internal iliac supplies blood to pelvis and gluteal regions


gluteal arteries

superior gluteal inferior gluteal and obturator artery


femoral artery to the tibial arteries

femoral branches to deep artery of the thigh which becomes the popliteal behind knee and popliteal becomes anterior tibial and posterior tibial artery


anterior tibial artery

1.)anterior tibial continues as dorsalis pedis artery and branches into anterior lateral/medial malleloar arteries. lateral joins fibular and anterior joins tibular


posterior tibular artery

supplies posterior leg and foot and gives rise to the fibular artery quickly. in the foot gives rise to medial/lateral plantar


dorsalis pedis artery gives rise ...

to the lateral and medial tarsal arteries which supply the tarsals, the arcuate artery which gives rise to dorsal meta tarsal arteries and supplies blood flow to meta tarsals and digits


first dorsal metatarsal artery

supplies first metatarsal and great toe


deep plantar artery

goes to plantar surface of foot


posterior tibial path to foot

goes to lateral plantar which branches into plantar arch and joins deep plantar artery. also goes to medial plantar


superficial veins of the legs

1.)great saphenous which originates from great toe from dorsal venous arch and goes anterior to medial malleolus. medial side of lower limb. drains into femoral vein
2.) small saphenous which starts along lateral foot and runs on the posterior leg and drains into popliteal vein