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Do green markers have odd or even numbers?

Green markers have ODD numbers.

(maybe think that green is the "Right" way to start counting, so it starts with #1, which is odd). (Green also comes first alphabetically, so it start with #1.)


Do you keep green markers to your left or right when going upstream.

Keep green markers to your left (port side), when you are returning from the ocean. (red, right, return).


Do marker numbers increase or decrease as you go upstream?

They increase.


What does the mnemonic red-right-returning mean?

When coming back from the ocean (going upstream), keep red markers on your right. (later you will learn the special case when you are traveling along the US coast)


Which color markers display even numbers?



Which direction are you going if market numbers are decreasing?

Downstream, to the ocean (think of #1 being at the edge of the ocean.


When going upstream, what side of the boat should the red marker be?

It should be on your starboard (and green on your port)


When going upstream, which side of a red and green lateral marker to you pass on?

Pass on either side. (but there is a preferred side)


When going up stream, what is the preferred way to pass a red and green lateral marker?

The preferred channel is indicated by the color of the topmost band.


When going upstream and passing a red and green banded lateral marker with the green on top, what is the proper way to pass?

The preferred channel is the color on top.
Since green is on top, pass as if it were a green marker, that is keep it on your left going upstream.


What is the shape of a nun bouy?

Nun bouys are cone-shaped.


What color is a nun bouy?

Always red.


Are nun bouys odd or even numbered?

Even, like other red markers.


What side of the boat do you keep nun buoys on?

Keep this marker on your right (starboard) side when proceeding in the upstream returning from sea direction.


What color are cylindrical-shaped markers



Why are green can bouys cylindrical and red nun bouys cone shaped?

My guess is so if you are color blind you can still tell the difference.


When passing a green can bouy going upstream, on which side do you pass it?

Keep it on your left. You are keeping the red nun bouys on your right returning from the sea.


What are Day-Marks

They are the Red and Green signs, they may be lit as well.


What shape is a red day-mark sign?

Triangle? - fix this!


What shape is a green day-mark sign?

Square? fix this.


Which signs have even and which have odd numbers.

Like other red and green markers, green are odd and red are even. (Mnemonic: green comes first alphabetically so it gets #1 and all the other odd numbers)


Do you keep GREEN day-marks on your right or left when going upstream?

Left. Remember - Red, right, returning.


What are the most common colors for non-lateral markers

White with orange markings and blank lettering. These are informational, like "Marina Entrance"


What does an orange diamond represent?

It is the "Hazard Diamond" for random hazards such as shoals and rocks.


What is shown inside the hazard diamond

The type of hazard, like a picture of rocks.


On markers, what is an orange circle for?

Speed limits, wash/wake restrictions, etc.


What is the "keep out" symbol

A diamond with a cross inside (the cross goes to the 4 corners of the diamond.


What is the "keep out" symbol telling you?

Boats are prohibited here.


What is the ICW?

Intercoastal Waterway.
A series of tributaries running parallel to the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts.


Where does the ICW run?

The ICW runs from New Jersey to Texas