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What type of engine does a PWC have?

Internal engine with an impeller that sucks in water and spits it out the back (think JetSki)


How is steering impacted by speed?

Unlike a boat, the PWC with impeller can only steer then the throttle is engaged (the steering turns the water output jet left or right, but if no water is flowing, it won't steer the PWC)

Some newer PWCs to havKeep this marker on your right (starboard) side when proceeding in the upstream returning from sea) direction off-throttle steering abilities


What care is required when approaching a dock in a PWC?

PWCs have not reverse and no brakes so they can't slow down.


How much distance does a PWC need to come to a full stop after being on full throttle

About 200 feet.


Which direction to you roll a PWC to right it (if it is upside down)

The PWC should have an arrow on the bottom showing you which way to rotate it.

Doing it wrong can damage the craft.


How do you re-board a PWC?

Follow the label on the PWC.
Get your knees onto the running board and pull yourself up.
Reconnect your lanyard to your vest.


How must you attach the lanyard to be able to start the PWC.

The PWC will not start unless your lanyard is attached to the start/stop switch.


What is the purpose of the (key) lanyard?

to stop the engine if you fall off, provide you have it properly attached to your wrist or vest.


What is the purpose of the PWC reserve fuel tank?

So when you forget to monitor you fuel level, you will have some left.


How much does a PWC reserve fuel tank usually hold?

Usually about a gallon.


What entity regulates PWCs?

The state regulates PWCS.


What are the PFD regulations for a PWC

(New York) Everyone onboard or being towed must where a proper Personal Floatation Device.


Can you use an inflatable PFD on a PWC

(New York) You should not use inflatables.


What is rule on the engine cutoff feature?

(New York) Must be attached to driver at all times so when she falls of the engine is cut off.


What is rule for sound signaling device on PWC?

(New York): if PWC is not equipped with one, you must bring a portable one (Horn, Whistle).
Must be capable of a 2 second blast.
Must be audible from 1 mile away.


What visual distress signal must be carried onboard a PWC?

(New York)...such as a orange flag 1 foot by 1 foot, flare, orange fluorescent dye marker.


What is PWC regulation for back-fire flame arrestor.

(New York),must be equipped with one, cannot remove it. Prevents engine fires.


What is PWC regulation for a ventilator?

(New York) required to vent out gases. Must not remove


Is a fire extinguisher required on a PWC?

Federal regulations say yes (as of the 2011 study guide this came from).


What are the common sense accident prevention rules for a PWC?

Keep a safe distance from boats and stay out of their blind spots.

Keep a safe distance from other PWCs and give your self time to maneuver and take action.

Look behind you before you make a turn.


What are noise considerations for a PWC?

They are noisy, be courteous of others when you are near the shoreline, etc.


What are the hours of operation for a PWC?

Depends on your state. In New York it is between sunrise and sunset. Adding a light on the PWC does not permit you to drive after dark


What is age restriction for a PWC?

Depends on the state. In NY it was set to 14 in 2005 + a boater safety course.