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What are the three choices for toppings on the organic vanilla yogurt parfait

Peach ,blueberry or cherry compote


What are the three items served in a breakfast trio

1.Muesli with mint, banana and black berries
2.mixed berries and banana
3.yogurt topped with peaches


Describe the creamy breakfast putting as you would to a guest

Are creamy breakfast pudding is museli which is chilled thick rolled oats topped with seasonal fruit and a mint sprig garnish


Choose three breakfast sides and describe them as you would to a guest

1. We have bacon that is glazed with dates and cayenne and baked until crispy.
2. We have a warm baguette that we served with your choice of Nutella or butter and jam.
3. We have a side of delicious chicken sausage, however that is wrapped in a pork casing


List the four waffle options

Blueberry waffle, bananas foster waffle, caramelized apple waffle, chocolate hazelnut waffle


Describe your favorite waffle as you would to a guest

We have a delicious chocolate hazelnut waffle that is crispy on the outside and when you bite into it the soft and creamy Nutella on the inside. The waffle is served with maple syrup and a side of vanilla whipped cream


List the big skinny pancakes

Lemon pancake, cinnamon pancake, caramelized apple pancakes


Describe your favorite skinny pancake as you would to a guest

Our cinnamon pancakes are to crapes stacked on top of each other topped with cinnamon, sugar and butter. Then they Brule it to create some texture to the top and we serve it with a side of vanilla whip


What are the two accompaniments that are served with all egg dishes

Rustic toast and blistered tomatoes


What is the only egg dish that is served with hashbrowns

All of the three egg options


What are the four options listed on the menu for eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict, chickpea Benedict, eggs Florentine, salmon Benedict


List all of the ingredients in the bacon, egg and cheddar cheese sandwich

Ciabatta bread, eggs, cheddar cheese, bacon, green goddess dressing. Comes with a side of blister tomato and Rosemary


What is our French toast topped with



Describe our quiche Lorraine as you would to a guest

How are quiche Lorraine is eggs, gruyer and Jarlsberg cheese, bacon pieces and chives poured into a crispy flaky tart and baked until golden