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Name 10 things in and around the lungs

Larynx, Ring of cartilage, alveoli, pleural membranes, ribs, internal intercostal muscle, external intercostal muscle, bronchioles, trachea


Describe the flow of air

When we breathe in it goes down the trachea, into the two bronchi. Each bronchus divides into smaller tubes called Bronchioles eventually ending up in the alveoli.


What does the cartilage do?

Support the airways


What do the pleural membranes do?

Make an airtight shell around the lungs. In between there is the pleural cavity containing pleural fluid acting as a lubricant.


How is the airways kept clean?

The airways are lined with cells that can secrete mucus trapping and catching dirt/bacteria or covered with Cilia. They beat backwards and forewords sending the mucus to the mouth.


Diaphragm when we breathe in/out?

In-Diaghagm contracts, Ext Inter Musc contract ribs up/out Out-Diaphragm relax/dome shaped Intern Inter Musc contract ribs down/in


Describe Aveoli

Red blood cells in, oxygen diffuses through one cell thick wall to re oxygenate the blood. Carbon dioxide diffuses the other way. Gain O2 loss CO2


The affects of smoking

Burns the cilia allowing mucus to form. Emphysema, decreases the surface area of the alveoli making it inefficient.