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Homeostasis and Excretion

Homeostasis - Conditions are relatively constant
Excretion - Removal of waste products


Main substances in Urine

Urea, Sodium chloride, Phosphate


Urinary System

Renal Artery gives blood to kidneys & it is filtered
Filtered blood goes out the real vein to vena cava
Urine out through Ureters & stored in bladder
Tube bladder to urethra, wall sphincters, released


Kidneys 5

Pelvis - Empty Urine into space
Ureter - Carries urine to bladder
Cortex - Outer Region
Nephrons/Kidney Tubules - Filtering Units
Tubules run down middle layer called medulla



Bowman Capsule- Surrounds Blood capillaries called glomerulus. Blood filtered.
Through Tubule high pressure. Filtered large molecules called ultrafiltration.