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Marbury versus Madison

established the principle of judicial review and the right of the Supreme Court to declare laws unconstitutional

The issue addressed was the judiciary act enforcement

The constitutional principle is checks and balances


McCulloch versus Maryland

States cannot tax the federal government the Supreme Court made it clear that state laws couldn't contradict federal laws

The issue addressed was implied powers of national government and supremacy clause

The constitutional principle was federalism


Gibbons versus Ogden

The Supreme Court ruled that the federal government has the power to regulate interstate commerce

The issue addressed was federal control over interstate commerce

The constitutional principle with federalism


Scott versus Sanford

Dred Scott is freedom as a slave moving was the issue addressed

ruled him a slave


Plessy versus Ferguson

Plessy sitting in on an all white railroad car that was 7/8 Caucasian was the issue addressed

segregation was upheld and Plessy's actions were illegal


Korematsu versus the United States

Korematsu refused to go to Japanese holding camp was the issue addressed

during times of Parral an emergency according to executive order 9066 violation of rights is legal


Brown versus Board of Education

Black children were denied admission to public schools attended by white children

separate but equal was removed in separate was deemed unequal which means black children could go to school


heart of Atlanta motel versus the United States

heart of Atlanta motel refused to except African-Americans and was charged

concluded that places of public accommodation had no rights to select guests as they saw fit


Swan versus Charlotte Mecklenburg Board of Education

School enforce desegregation but numbers didn't show that

plans were judged by their effectiveness ratios were starting points for solutions be segregated schools couldn't be scrutinized by courts


regents of the University of California versus Bakke

bakke was rejected from the medical school he applied to twice

he would be admitted to the medical school and the racial admittance policy would be the same


Gideon versus Wainwright

are all accuse people entitled to a lawyer?

supreme Court ruled in his favor and Gideon is freed also state law is ruled unconstitutional

sixth amendment


map versus Ohio

search and seizure?

map charged, but won appeal

fourth amendment


Miranda versus Arizona

should a defendant be charged if he's not informed of his rights?

all accused persons must be notified of their rights

fifth and sixth amendment


Furman/Greg versus Georgia

is death penalty OK?

death penalty is ruled unconstitutional

eighth amendment


Hazelwood versus Kuhlmeier

can school administrators edit publication?

students freedom and press are limited in school

first amendment


New Jersey versus TLO

are students protected by the fourth amendment?

students can be searched based on reasonable seizure

fourth amendment search and seizure


tinker versus Des Moine

protest the war by wearing black armbands?

students case one and freedom to protest

first amendment



can student speech be limited?

School is allowed to limit the students rights

first amendment


Engle versus Vitale

can students Pray public schools?

School prayer is an allowed in public school

first amendment


Texas versus Johnson

is flagburning illegal?

Flagburning is legal but considered disrespectful

first amendment