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Two floors of fire the IC needs to

Request an extra Engine and Truck


Heavy fire in a cellar or basement of a brownstone the IC needs to

Transmit a 2nd alarm


At Brownstone building fire should the IC enter the fire building

The IC may enter the building to gather further intelligence for proper size up, but should not remain inside the building, nor become directly engaged in firefighting operations. Once this size up is compete the IC shall return to the ICP


When a floor is fully involved from front to rear a

Full 1st alarm assignment is required. It is also advisable to call for an additional engine and ladder


When 2 or more floors are fully involved or a top floor fire has extended into the cockloft the need for a

2nd alarm must be considered


When 2 buildings are involved, we have a

2nd alarm situation. Prompt consideration must be given to transmitting a 3rd alarm when it extends beyond 2 buildings. It is imperative that battalion firefighters stay with their assigned chief during the incident in the event a command channel is activated


When fire is of multiple alarm proportion, the strategy is to setup a perimeter of lines consisting unusually of heavy caliber streams in the front and rear, with

1 3/4 lines flanking the sides of the fire and moving toward the center of the fire. As hand lines reach the center of the fire, the outside lines must not be directed into the buildings which the companies are operating


As a cockloft fire becomes more controlled, the heavy caliber streams in the REAR can be converted to

1 3/4 lines and sent up the REAR fire escapes, similarly hand lines now can go to the upper floors of the center fire buildings via the front entrances


When addresses are prominent and/or buildings can readily be distinguished from each other by features the IC may use

Plain English to assign units to exposure sectors


When fires have gained headway, it will be necessary to setup

Brand patrols. The force of updrafts will send large pieces of burning material quite some distance. This probably will start minor fires in the surrounding area


Fires in Brownstones are generally confined to the original fire building. However, there may be some spread to exposures via

*Cellar beams of adjoining buildings butting up against one another
*Deterioration and faulty construction of division walls in the cockloft
*Via a burning cornice
*Via a burning Yankee gutter


A Battalion Chief arriving at the scene of a fire in a fully involved occupied brownstone where there is fire reported in exposure 4, a similar attached building, what line should got to exposure 4

3rd line

*1st line - fire building
*2nd line - back up 1st line in the fire building
*3rd line - if fire reported in an exposure go to that exposure. If no fire in exposures stretch thru an exposure to the rear yard of the fire building


When is a 2nd alarm REQUIRED at a 4 story brownstone fire

Heavy fire in the CELLAR AND BASEMENT


Regarding construction features and occupancy of brownstone buildings, when they were converted to multiple dwellings

Fire escapes were added OR sprinklers were installed in the interior halls in lieu of a secondary means of egress. Sprinkler lines were further extended into individuals rooms when buildings were converted to rooming houses.


The presence of sprinklers in a brownstone

MAY indicate the absence of a fire escape. Most brownstones however DO NOT have fire escapes


Extensions added to the rear of brownstones may be _______
stories in height and ____________cockloft

2 or 3 stories in height
Will have their own cockloft


In some cases where a brownstone is converted to 2 duplex apartments ventilation of the roof will

Only proved ventilation for the apartments on the upper floor