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Marshall Plan

The Marshall Plan, created by George Marshall, was a money plan; he wished to:

- give money to keep nations from turning to Russia
- give money to help hunger, poverty, and chaos
- give money to stop Russia from acquiring other countries


Berlin Airlift

Russia cuts the United States off from West Berlin, so they use airplanes and drop supplies through planes


Satellite Nations

- a nation that is a subject of the Soviet Union
- buffer for the Soviets to Western Europe
- March 5, 1946- Churchill gives speech: "An iron curtain is drawn upon the Russian front"


Iron Curtain

Truman coined the term Iron Curtains to describe what satellite nations became.

He says if you want to attack Russia, you have to go through Russia


NATO- North Atlantic Treaty Organization

- comprised of 12 nations
- an attack on one is an attack on all
- if Russia wanted to attack England, they would have to attack EVERYONE



the policy of communism (keep it where it is and don't let it spread)


Election of 1948

- lets Truman hurt his own campaign
- has a civil rights platform
- Truman will call Congress back to Washington to get legislature passed to help people
- "The Do Nothing Congress"
DIXIECRATS: Strom Thurmond
- Governor of SC

Truman won in a landslide


Fair Deal

- provides aid to schools
- gives money to unemployed
- gives money to those retired under social security
- wanted a comprehensive health insurance for all Americans


G.I. Bill of Rights

- upon returning home, soldiers could get low interest loans to buy a home
- If you want to go to college, you get a stipend to go to college
- Truman increased size of middle class (way of life is going to increase and standard of living is going to go up)


Truman Doctrine

President Truman, as he notices Eastern European countries being forced into communism, says we should give Greece and Turkey aid so they won't turn to Russia for help. $400 million is spent to let people decide what they want to do and resist Russian pressure. The Truman Doctrine is believed to be the start of the Cold War