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Social Darwinism

- justified economic exploitation and territorial conquest
- basically says the superior country can do whatever it wants


Joseph Pulitzer

- owns the New York World newspaper
- "loses" to competitor Hearst's NY Journal


William Randolph Hearst

- owns NY Journal
- becomes an icon and richest man in the world (builds a castle)


Rough Riders

- cowboys from West banded together by T. Roosevelt
- known for two big events
a) charge of San Juan Hill
b) Kettle Hill
- is successful


Alfred Mann

- wrote the Influence of Sea Power in History
a) said the greatness of country and naval power were dependent
b) said it was our destiny to:
* control the Caribbean
* build the Panama Canal
* spread Western Civilization to the Pacific


Which individuals wanted an imperialistic United States?

- Henry Cabbot Lodge (MA US Senator who believed we should be expanding our territories)
- Alfred Mann
- Teddy Roosevelt
- John Fiske (believed the English speaking were destined to financially dominate the globe)


What treaties were signed in the Pacific?

- Treaty at Portsmouth, ME
a) Roosevelt negotiates peace between Japan and Russia (Japan gets the better deal)
- Treaty for Morocco
a) Roosevelt says nations can freely trade in Morocco
b) this earns Roo the nobel peace prize
- Taft Katsura agreement
a) Japanese-American agreement
b) we will stay out of Korea if Japan stays out of the Phil.



What does McKinley do with Hawaii?



What is Yellow Journalism?

- corrupt journalism
- create the story, make it big, sell it
- sensationalism


Open Door Policy

- created by Sec. of State John Hay
- the world can now have trade with China
- England was only one to agree, other says nothing so it gets passed
- we wanted the Chinese markets (basically exploited them)


What is the Boxers Rebellion?

- organization called the "Fist of Righteous Harmony"
- wanted to rid foreigners from China
a) do many things to get us out, we stay


What position did Roosevelt get for supporting McKinley in the Election of '96?

ASSISTANT Secretary to the Navy


Panama Canal

- 1901: Hay begins to negotiate w/ Britain to allow the building
- 1850: everyone wanted it, nobody wanted to build it
- 1880: France wants to do it, 81-87, 3mil, 20k deaths, 3rd of way done (unsuccessful)
- France decides to sell it
- we want to pay Colombia 10 mil + 250k a year, Colombia says 25 mil upfront
- we help Colombia fight for independence, we get the land
- we pay 25 mil as a sign of no ill feeling


What did Roosevelt win the Nobel Peace Prize for?

- Treaty at Morocco


Roosevelt's Grand Tour of the Navy

- 1807- Roo sends navy around the world to show off


Roosevelt Corollary + impact on Roo's Foreign Affair Policy

- signature piece of legislature
- hand in hand with Monroe Doctrine
- no nation can come into the Western Hemisphere and intervene (subtweeting the Europeans to stay out of N+S Am.)
- US is 1st to assist Latin America
- 1st time US becomes an international police power
- Roo believed we should walk quietly but wield a club


Spanish American War + was it justified?

- fueled by newspapers
- 4-20-1898: we declare Cuba independent
- 4-21-1898: we declare war on Spain
- 4-22-1898: we set up a blockade around Cuba
- 4-24-1898: Spain declares war on the US (they have no other alternative)

war over in 114 days

at the end: - Cuba independent, we took PR, we took Phil., we took other Pacific lands

deaths, etc.: 244k Am. fought, lost around 6000, the majority to disease

cause: US Battleship Maine sunk in the Havana Harbor while we trade w/ Cuba and Cuba revolting against Spain


Reasons for Expansion + how did we justify it

Am. wanted to expand bc they want to dominate the globe and have new markets like Asia, and justified it thru a) social darwinism and b) saying we were superior