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Epidemiology of burns?

- mortality highest: over 65yo
- highest risk is 18-35 yo males
- kids: scalding injuries from hot drinks or bath


Cellular changes seen in burns?

- intracellular influx of Na/H2O
- extracellular migration of K+
- disruption of cell membrane fxn
- failure of Na+ pump

- burn shock w/ depression of myocardium and metabolic acidosis


Heme changes in burns?

- increase in hematocrit
- increase in blood viscosity
- anemia due to RBC destruction


Local progressive injury of burn?

- liberation of vasoactivae substances
- disruption of cellular fxn
- edema formation: leaky capillaries


When does cell damage occur? Diff zones?

- occurs at temps greater than 113F due to denaturation of protein
- zone of coag: irreversibly destroyed
- zone of stasis: stagnation of microcirc, can/will extend if not tx appropriately
- zone of hyperemia: increase blood flow


1st degree burn?

- erythema of skin
- possibly minimal surrounding edema
- minimal pain
- sunburn


2nd degree burn?

- deeper than 1st, involve partial thickness
- very deep sunburn, contact w/ hot liquids, flash burns from gas flames
- usually MUCH MORE painful than 3rd degree
- skin appears: red or mottled, blisters, broken epidermis, swelling, wet/weeping surfaces, painful, sensitive to air


3rd degree burn?

- damage to all skin layers, subq tissues, and nerve endings
- skin appears: pale white, charred, leathery, broken skin w/ fat exposed, dry surface, painless to pinprick ,edema