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1st degree burns =

Superficial partial thickness wounds
(only involve top layer of skin)


2nd Degree burns =

Deep partial thickness. Deeper layers of skin. Will provide / produce blisters on the skin surface.
Needs veterinary tx to prevent infection


3rd degree burns =

Complete destruction of all skin layers
No sensation left to the area.
Life threatening / shock


Treatment for 1st or 2nd degree burns

Submerge or rinse with cold water. If blisters are closed bandage. If blisters are open leave for VS.


Treatment for 3rd degree burns

Do not move patient unless essential
Do not immerse in cold water
Treat for shock
Cover patient to retain body heat
Apply thick, dry, non stick dressing (just cover don't wrap)
Get VS


What dressings should you use on burns

Non stick and moist
Hydrogel, foam and clear film dressing.