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What is a loaded patrol for fires?

Patrols during high fire danger time with a full crew and ready table. Ready to fight on sight. Used to identify fires and address them immediately


Define preclusion

Allows an officer to move to the appropriate level of control, based on the level of resistance faced. Allows officer to rule out lower levels of control which would be ineffective. Means officer doesn't have to move up the control continuum 1 by 1.


What is the timeline on officer reports

Usually within 48 hours, no longer than 72 hours


Where can you legally shoot aquatic furbearers?

On land or in a trap (beaver, otter, muskrat)


What 3 elements must always be considered when using force

Level of resistance presented
Threat assessment (weapon, intent, delivery system)
Force variables


What is your conflict goal as CO?

Resolve all conflicts without the use of force, by gaining voluntary compliance


What must be signed before placing problem wildlife control tools on private property?

Livability release form/landowner agreement, as per the operational directive on livability release forms


How should disciplinary action be carried out?

Should be given as constructive criticism
Should be done in private
Should be done promptly
Effective management should eliminate the need for disciplinary action


What are the response options for every scenario

Disengage if there is no undue risk to others and officer can not control the scenario under current circumstances
Escalate is a lesser force option is not effective in gaining control / compliance and it is inappropriate to disengage
Deescalate once compliance has been achieved, and officer has control)
Communicate effectively at all time


Define reasonable grounds

A set of circumstances or conditions that would cause an ordinary individual to form a strong belief that goes beyond suspicion


What is the purpose of a prosecution report?

Provide prosecution data in a manner that can easily be inputted into a computer data base


When is it required to submit an officer report?

-hard empty hand or higher
-intermediate weapon displayed
-If the level of resistance displayed or used is assaultive or higher
-If medical treatment is required


Name 5 pieces of legislation that PPOs enforce

-Provincial Parks act
-Park Activity Regulations
-The Fisheries Act (Manitoba)
-Fishing Licensing Regulations
-The Fisheries Act (Canada)
-Manitoba Fishery Regulations
-Intoxicated Persons Detention Act
-Offroad Vehicles Act


What does LACES stand for

Lookout - watching fire and the weather & know what your crew is doing.
Anchor points - have they been established
Communication - are you in contact with your crew and others who can provide intelligence
Escape routes - have routes been identified? Are they walkable?
Safety zones - are they close enough, large enough and safe?


What is a ready table? What’s in it?

A fire fighting equipment box.
Pumps, hoses, hand tools, chainsaw. Everything needed when first getting to a fire


Define resistance

Any action that prohibits you from achieving your objective in the lawful execution of your duty


What is the main objective of a PPO

-Park Safety and security
-Provide a safe environment for all park users through an effective park enforcement program


List CO priorities

Public safety (provincial parks, human wildlife conflict, and dangerous hunting)

Wildfires (human and industry caused fires)

Ecosystem Protection (wildlife disease management, habitat protection, endangered species protection, resource management (timber, fish, wildlife)).


Define resistance

Any action by another person that hinders your objectives in the lawful execution of your duties


What 3 things must you do to justify force

Evaluate subjects actions
Understand your own options
Take all variables into account


What is the purpose of a seizure disposition?

To provide the courts with a system to track seizures.


What is a green book (set fine book) used for?

-Short wording of offences
-Set fine amounts
-Quick reference to section numbers


What is the primary act that guides the COS

Conservation Officer Act


What guides CO search and rescue procedures

Search and rescue operational guideline. The department can provide reasonable assistance in the form of manpower and equipment


What is the purpose of the conservative officer act?

Establish a service whose members
A)enforce acts respecting NRs, fish, wildlife, protected areas and environmental protections
B) preserve and enhance public safety


What is survival reaction time

The time it takes to analyze, evaluate, plan and act


When can an officer use lethal force?

When she has reasonable grounds to believe that she, or another, is at risk of GBH or death


Under which 3 circumstances is an officer protected from liability?

1) acting within lawful duties
2) actions are necessary reasonable grounds
3) force is not excessive


What is a sprinkler system, when is it applied, who makes the decision, what is the benefit?

A series of sprinklers connected to a hose, supplied water through a pump, which constantly emits water in a wide circle, dampening the ground, providing fire protection. Applied when a wild fire is approaching.
Office of the fire commissioner, value asset team.
Advantage is that water is supplied unattended for a long period of time


Define reasonable grounds

a set or conditions/circumstances that would lead a prudent, ordinary individual to form a strong belief that goes beyond mere suspicion