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Are you allowed to use leg hold traps?

Yes - with several rules. Unmodified leghold traps can only be used in drowning sets for aquatic species (beavers, muskrats, river otters and mink) Modified leg hold traps can be used for bobcat, lynx, fox, coyote and wolf. A modified leg hold trap means that the jaws are either padded or offset. Using unmodified leg hold traps online is prohibited.


What kind of trap can only be used on a registered trap line?

Common suspended snare


What are the 5 toehold traps?

Modified leg hold trap Unmodified leghold trap Common suspended snare Power snare Power leg hold snare


What furbearer cannot be trapped

black bear


What are the requirements for a kill trap?

Must render 80% of animals irreversibly unconscious within 45 seconds: weasels 2 minutes - marten 5 minutes - all other animals


With features make a modified leg hold trap humane?

-modified / offset jaws. This ensures blood circulation to limbs continues and animal doesn't chew limb off. -swivel. Ensures trap spins with animal, preventing limb from being cut off


What are the 19 fur bearers?

1. beaver 2. muskrat 3. mink 4. river otter 5. martin 6. fisher 7. weasel (long & short tailed) 8. badger 9. wolverine 10. coyote 11. wolf 12. red fox 13. arctic fox 14. black bear 15. racoon 16. bobcat 17. lynx 18. red squirrel 19. skunk


Which 3 species have quotas on trap lines?

river otters, fishers & martins


What are the two requirements for trapping in MB

-12 or older -Trappers education course


Can you shoot an animal in the water?

No, you cannot shoot a beaver, muskrat or river otter unless they are on land or in a trap


What do you need to ship fur out of the province?

An export permit


Can you hold a RTL permit and open trapping permit in the same trapping year?

No - you may only hold one, except for land owners in special circumstances


How often must you check live holding traps?

Every 72 hrs minimum


what is the requirement for using snares on land?

The snare must be equipped with a locked device so the noose is prevented from expanding


How can you harvest blackberry with a trappers licence?

With a firearm


What portion of a black bear can you not utilize?

The gall bladder


when can you use a leg hold trap on an aquatic species?

In a drowning set


Which species can you not target with a leg hold trap on land?

mink, river otter, badger, red squirrel or weasels


Discuss firearms and trapping

Firearms can be used to take furbearing animals, black bears and wolves. In this case, trappers are also subject to regulation under the wildlife act, provincial parks act by laws, etc.


Can you use electronic calls while trapping?

Yes, you can use electronic calls to attract coyotes, wolves and foxes during the valid trapping season


What is the definition on trapping?

Using a device to physically restrain an animal


What is humane trapping?

The taking of fur bearers with the least amount of stress to the animal


What are the 3 categories of traps

1. Leghold traps a. modified b. unmodified c. leg hold power snare 2. neck snares a. common suspended snare (snekar snare (small spring)) b. power snare 3. body grip/conibear traps


What guides humane trapping standards?

Agreement on international humane trapping standards


When can you use an unmodified leg hold trap?

In drowning sets for aquatic species only (beaver, muskrat, river otter, mink)


What species can you target with a modified leg hold trap?

aquatic species in drowning sets -wolf -coyote -bobcat -lynx -fox


What are the two instances when you can use a common suspended snare?

RTL and in a drowning set for beavers in an open area


What forbears can you target with power snares and leg hold power snares?

All of them except black bear


What is a RTL

A registered trap line is a commercial harvest opportunity where an individual is granted the sole rights to harvest in one area


Discuss requirements needed for using common suspended snares

Common Suspended Snares must be set with a cam or locking device to prevent the noose from coming loose once deployed by the animal