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What activities require an angling licence

Angling, dip netting, cast netting, seining, minnow trapping, spear fishing, and bow fishing ( basically any activity where you are taking live fish into your possession)


Stipulations for resident, Canadian resident, and non resident

Resident - lived in Manitoba for the immediate 6 months prior
Canadian resident - lived in Canada for the immediate 6 months prior
Non resident - anyone who has not lived in Manitoba or Canada for the immediate 6 months prior


Who is exempt from holding a licence and what’s their limits?

Residents under 16 - regular limits
Canadian residents and non resident under 16 must fish with a licence holder & their catch is included in the licence holders limits
Status Indians - no limits & exempt from most refs


Where can you possess barbless hooks? Where can you not?

Yes - in your tackle box
No - not on any rod, regardless of use


Max number of rods and hooks

Ice fishing - 2 lines, with two hooks per line, always within 50m
Open water - 1 rod, 2 hooks per line, eyesight of line


Can you use live bait?

Live bait is prohibited in many divisions and provincial parks/forests. It is allowed in the southern division with excepts. Cannot import live bait fish into MB


Antlers in possession of live bait fish must have what

Live bait fish transfer and use receipt issued from the dealer


Can you catch your own bait fish? Stipulations?

Yes, must they must be killed because transporting them away from the lake they were harvested in


What must you do with bait if in and AIS management zone

Alive or dead, all bait must be disposed of at shore before leaving


Name 5 legal bait fish

Suckers, tullibee, darts, stickleback, darted, dace, chub, shiner, mudminnow, fathead minnow, blunt nose minnow, and sculpin


How many litres of bait fish can be posed



What is the AIS motto

Clean - remove any AIS & aquatic plants before leaving shore
Drain - all water from watercraft and water related equipment. Drain plugs must be left out during transport
Dry - completely or decontaminate water related equipment before placing into another water body
Dispose - of all bait coming out of AIS control zones
Decontaminate - if you are coming out of a control zone and going to another water body


Where is spear fishing allowed?

All areas of the province open to angling. For safety reasons, avoid swimming, launching and docking areas


Which species can you not spear fish for

Sturgeon, large mouth bass, small mouth bass, musky, arctic grayling, Arctic char or any troutspecies


Can you bow hunt?

Only common carp and suckers. A fish arrow and 20lbs test line must be used


What must you get if you purchase fish from a commercial fisher or retailer?

Sales receipt, which you must keep with the fish as proof of purchase


How do you measure a fish?

Total fish length is measured from the furthest point on its head to the futhest point on the tail