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What are key points regarding communication and listening?

-active listening
a. understand purpose for listening - what is the problem?
b. Attend behaviour (eye contact, posture, body language)
c. Reaffirm the message (repeat, summarize, clarify)
-avoid being critical and judgemental
-listening to find underlying meaning
-hold questions until the end


What motivates workers?

-Feeling seen and appreciated
-Being given meaningful tasks
-Open and clear communication with coworkers and management
-Feeling respected
-Feeling pride in what they do
-Comfortable safe workplace
-flexible workplace
-enjoyable coworkers and supervisors


What are the goals of goals of disciplinary action?

1. Turn individuals into effective employees
2. Use effective supervision to eliminate the need for future disciplinary action


What should all disciplinary actions include and how should they be given?

1. A plan to correct behaviour and enhance performance
2. Detailed notes (this become important for reoccurring behaviours)
3. Communication with supervisor
4. Constructive criticism
5. Should be given immediately
6. Should be given privately


Discuss the stages of disciplinary action in detail

1. Oral Reprimand
-given by immediate supervisor
-used for less serious incidents that don't require investigation
-Discuss incident with employee
-Obtain explanation from employee
-Discuss how to correct behaviour (make a plan)
-Document scenario and put on file

2. Written Reprimand
a. letter of direction
b. letter of reprimand
-given by immediate supervisor
-used for reoccurring, less serious incidents (ie.chronically late for work)
-listen to individuals reason for behaviour
-document and report to supervisor

3. Suspension
1 day - supervisor
>1 day - director
-major incidents such as policy, procedure or legal violations
-document and report to supervisor
-refer back to other incidents

4. Dismissal
-Human resources and upper management
-Major incidents - violation of policy, procedure or law (ie. sexual harassment, fraud, respectful workplace
-Require investigation


What is the difference between supervision and leadership?

Supervision = a specific job function where you monitor and provide feedback to your subordinate. A management function that typically comes with higher position or ranking within the organization

Leadership = the ability to connect with people to achieve goals. Influencing and motivating others using a variety of methods, including coaching, mentoring, directing


What are some supervisor tasks

-ensure employees are working
-ensure budget is being adhered to
-ensure policies and procedures are followed
-ensure management/organizational goals are being south
-representing staff to management
-representing management to staff
-addresses workplace health and safety concerns
-ensures employees are representing department well


Describe leadership

Leadership is the ability to connect with people to achieve goals. This is done through inspiring and motivating individuals using a variety of methods such as coaching, mentoring and delegating.

Leadership uses guidance instead of commands.

Uses encouragement instead of position of power to influence others


What are the 5 most important qualities for a leader/supervisor to have?

-Positive outlook & attitude

Honestly, trustworthy, reliable, loyalty, professionalism, team building empower staff, encourage others, mentor, keep positive outlook and attitude, ask for input & respect staff input, provide direction , trustworthy, reliable, -always treat indicuduals the way you want to be treated


How would you motivate your staff?

Employee motivation stems from good leadership that displays appreciation for staff. Being a good supervisor that appreciates and notices the work of employees.

-Open and clear communication - ie. I know this summer has been fairly slow in the campgrounds, so lets develop a plan to get you the experience you need for the upcoming CO competition. Utilize the downtime to gain additional job experience. ie. trapping (anatomy & safety),

-Show appreciation for the work of employees ie. thanks for doing the photocopying on that file. I've really busy and that helped make my life easier. I really appreciate it. This praise means even more when it's in front of the team.

-Give employees meaningful tasks. ie. I've been meaning to organize this fishery compliance data and submit it to the fisheries biologist. I know you're interested in becoming a CO and have taken biology courses, could you do this for me? Good opportunity to make a contact and gain new experience

-Display flexibility in the workplace. ie. I know you've been working the seasonal campground for a couple weeks in a row, so we're going to mix it up and you're going to come work an AIS check station and John Doe can work seasonals