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What is a mole?

a mole of a substance is the amount which contains as many formula units as there are atoms in 12g of Carbon


What is the equation to find the mole?

moles= mass ÷ molecular mass


What is molar mass?

the mass of one mole


What is the relative atomic mass of an element?

the average mass of an atom of the element compared to the mass of 1/12th of an atom of carbon 12


What is the method you would use to find what mass of water is formed by burning 1g of methane? (working out reacting masses)

1. write down word equation
2.write down balanced symbol equation
3.write in number of moles
4.write in formula masses
5.cross out the ones you don't need(O2 and CO2)
6.Do simple ratio to make 1g of methane to find the mass of water