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What is an ion?

A charged atom or group of atoms


What atoms have a stable electronic structure?

Atoms with an outer shell of i8


Why do metal atoms form positive ions?

When metals form ions, they lose electrons to form positive ions


Why do non metals form negative ions?

When non metal ions, they gain electrons to form negative ions


How do a metal and a non metal combine in ionic bonding?

In ionic bonding, a metal and non metal combine by transferring electrons to form positive ions and negative ions which then attract one another


In which state can sodium chloride conduct electricity?

It is non conductive in its solid state but does when dissolved in water(solution)


Why do magnesium oxide and sodium chloride conduct electricity when dissolved?

When they melt the ions are free to move and can carry the electric current


Why does magnesium oxide have a higher melting point than sodium chloride?

Mg2+ and O2- ions have a greater number of charges, so they form stronger ionic bonds than the Na+ and Cl- ions in sodium chloride.
The attraction between them is harder to overcome


What is the structure of sodium chloride and magnesium oxide?

A giant ionic lattice in which positive ions are strongly attracted to negative ions